BSA Troop 147


Scouting in Monrovia, California

Web Site Tips

Troop 147 Web site mission:

  • Inform the community about Troop 147′s events both past and present by way of scout’s reports of events and photo galleries.
  • Provide a community resource to other troops and outdoor enthusiasts by way of scouter’s reports on various local camp sites and activities
  • Serve as a one-stop-shop for forms and information required by Troop 147′s scouts and scouters

Contributing to the site

Troop 147′s scouts and scouters should all feel free to contribute to this Web site.  Email a scout’s report or scouter’s report to and we’ll review it for inclusion on the site.

Contact the troop committee if you would like to edit the web site directly.  Until the “Webmaster” scout leadership position is official, we’ll probably limit this access to committee members.

Scout Safety

There are two important rules that you must follow when posting content to this Web site:

  1. Never mention a scout’s name in a post that contains a picture
  2. If you ever must mention a scout by name, use his first name only

When in doubt, mention a scout by rank or leadership position.  “The senior patrol leader,” “the quartermaster” or “a first-class scout” are all acceptable ways to describe a scout in a picture or story.

Creating new posts

From the main admin page, there is a Add New option under Posts.  Be sure to give your post a meaningful title and select the right categories for it to be in.  (I.e., posts about a camping trip that contain a photo gallery should be both in “Outings” and “Photos.”)  You can hit “Preview” to proofread your work.  Once you’re happy with what you have, hit “Publish” and your work will appear on the site.

Adding Picasaweb Slide Shows

When you’re logged in to Picasaweb, each album has a “Link to this album” link on the right hand side of its main page.  If you click on this it will reveal an “Embed Slideshow” link.  Clicking on that reveals a dialog for creating the style of slide show you see on this page.  Please select the “Extra Large (600px)” side, turn on “Show Captions” and turn off “Autoplay.”  Once you’ve done that, you can copy the HTML in the “Copy and paste this in to your website” box and paste it in to a post on this site.  (Be sure that you are in “HTML” mode rather than in “Visual” mode.)