Outdoor adventure is the promise made to boys when they join Scouting. Troop 147 has an active camping program and boys are welcome and expected to participate. We hold one campout every month, and often additional activities such as hikes and bike rides.  Campouts usually involve a Friday evening departure and Sunday afternoon return. Sometimes we’ll backpack, “bike-pack”, or canoe. Sometimes we’ll car camp at the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert. Occasionally we’ll have a day hike or bike ride instead of, or in addition to, our monthly campout. The cost of outings (except for food) is included the scouts’ annual dues. Details of all outings can be found on our troop’s Google calendar.

We always welcome the involvement of scouting parents on our outings. We do require that parents take the online courses at myscouting.org, “Youth Protection Training” and “This is Scouting”, at minimum, before they accompany us on outings.

It is important for all scouts to be prepared.  Please make sure you use our outings checklist as a guide to help you pack. We don’t require a parent’s signature, but it is a good idea to have a parent doublecheck your gear with you. Also make sure that you are prepared to follow the BSA Outdoor Code.

For new scouts and parents, getting your gear ready for camping with the troop can be intimidating. An excellent gear guide can be found at this local troop’s site, but please talk to one of our outings leaders before making any major purchases.

Click on the interactive map below to see some of Troop 147’s outings from the last few years:

View Outings in a larger map

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