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Cycling and Skills Day, January 25, 2014

The boy scout motto is “Be Prepared” and this trip was a good opportunity to live this. The scouts were looking forward to an exciting overnight bikepacking trip to a favorite camping spot in the Angeles National Forest. Although we knew that the road had been closed due to a recent forest fire, the USFS and Caltrans both assured us that the road up the canyon would be open bright and early Saturday. Alas, Saturday morning came and the authorities were mistaken. Troop 147, along with a troop from Huntington Beach (who drove all this way for a day hike) and many other hikers and bikers, were turned back at the San Gabriel Canyon Gateway Visitor Center. Instead of giving up, the boys decided to cycle in the opposite direction down the San Gabriel River trail to Santa Fe Dam. We very lucky – the Santa Fe Nature Center was open, and even better, we were welcomed to their volunteer appreciation breakfast where the boys enjoyed their pancakes, eggs, and sausages! Plus, members of the local Kizh (Gabrieleño) Indians were on hand for a special ceremony. The scouts were all treated to a ceremony where they were “smudged” with sage smoke in the Indian tradition. After this, boys worked on lots of scout skills such as backpacking stoves, knots, and animal tracking, led by their Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader. The rest of the day was spent riding around Santa Fe Dam, working out on the various exercise equipment, and paddling around the lake in kayaks and paddleboats. Somehow the scouts saved energy for the ride back, with them biking at least 14 miles (that’s for the adults – the scouts rode more miles for the fun of it!). We’ll revisit our bikepacking trip sometime soon. More importantly, we’re proud of the scouts for turning a potential disappointment into an outing to remember.

Deepsea Fishing, November 2013

The cub scouts of Pack 66 and boy scouts of Troop 147 had a fun day of fishing on a beautiful day in late November. Scouts left from Long Beach harbor on the cozy fishing boat “Southern California”. The boat was filled to its capacity of 60 fisherman. The weather was perfect and the ocean was calm. The fish were biting – scouts caught mackerel, treefish, chuckleheads, sheepheads, and a lot of nice rockfish. We even had a visiting sea lion that ate a few fish right off the lines! Everyone had a great day of fishing (with some time for playing cards and watching the sea life), capped off with a beautiful sunset on the ocean before we returned to the lights of Long Beach.

Conservation Project on Pacific Crest Trail, November 2013

The troop’s monthly campout featured something different in November. We camped at Lake Silverwood and worked with the Pacific Crest Trail Association to do maintenance work on a local section of the trail. The PCTA generously provided us with a huge campsite, free of charge. In return, we provided the heavy labor of our scouts.

Muscles were sore, smiles were big, and the boys had a great time. The boys also learned a lot about how much work it takes to maintain trails. I think we’ll offer our help to them again next year.

Some pictures will be posted shortly.

Joshua Tree rock-climbing, October 25-27, 2013

Troop 147 loves to go rock-climbing. Not just climbing on some fake wall in a shopping mall, but at some world-class sites in Joshua Tree National Park! We have done this regularly the last few years, and again scouts set up camp at a roomy group site at Indian Cove. Our troop was instructed by our excellent instructors from BSAONBELAY. The scouts climbed up and rappelled down the rock all day long. Even some parents had the energy and nerves to climb. A long day of climbing in perfect weather was capped with a fun campfire, great stargazing, and good food.

And, we’re going back! We have already booked our group site at Indian Cove for November 2014!

Stay tuned for some awesome pictures of Troop 147 scouts scaling the cliffs of Indian Cove!

El Capitan Beach Campout & Webelos Welcome, September 2013

Another great weekend at the beach for Troop 147. This time we invited lots of Webelos to show them (and their parents) how much fun the scouts have every month. Boys did all the usual beach stuff including boogie boarding, swimming, and surfing. Couple that with some skills training for the prospective scouts, good tree climbing, great food, and a fun campfire program that all scouts contributed to – what a great weekend!

Marin Sierra Summer Camp, August 2013

This year for the first time, the troop split into two summer camps. The older scouts went to Philmont for a high-adventure trek (see that post) and the younger scouts went to Camp Marin Sierra for more traditional summer camping. Marin Sierra is in the Sierras above Tahoe, and the farthest camp we’ve done (almost 500 miles away!). The camp had great reviews from other local troops and the boys were not disappointed. We had a great turnout of 16 scouts and 6 adults. Scouts earned loads of exciting merit badges, enjoyed swimming and boating in Chubb Lake, and even enjoyed some unusually tasty camp food. Everyone loved this camp, so perhaps we’ll go back again one summer.

Lots of great pictures will be posted soon!

Spruce Grove backpacking June 2013

In June, the troop did a scenic backpacking trip right in our own backyard. Boys hiked down from Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Falls, and then up to Spruce Grove trail camp through Santa Anita Canyon. Scouts set up camp by the creek, and had plenty of time for fun. A short side hike up the trail brought us to Sturtevant Camp, site of the largest swing we had ever seen and an endless source of amusement for the boys. We even had a Sunday morning visit from a scout and two ASMs training for Philmont, who hiked up on Sunday morning with gifts of orange juice and doughnuts!

This was a good introduction to backpacking for some of our newer scouts, and whet their appetite for bigger and better trips in the coming years.

San Elijo State Beach Webelos Welcome campout, December 2012

What can we say, the Boy Scouts of Troop 147 and Webelos of Pack 136 always have a great time at the beach! San Elijo State Beach is a gem – lots of room to roam, a great little snack shop, and clifftop campsites with awesome views of the ocean. A little rain on Friday night didn’t stop the scouts, it just made it more fun! The water was cold but the scouts still went swimming, surfing and boogie boarding. A few dads even joined in the boogie boarding and surfing! Plus, we had an added bonus of a very low tide late on Saturday, which made for some outstanding tide pool observations. The boys found everything from sea anemones to starfish to crabs and an octopus. Somehow scouts made time for some skills training (knots, knives, and firestarting) and even for some games, including a great beach bocce competition. Top it off with a great sunset, camaraderie (bad jokes and skits) by the campfire, and then homemade doughnuts for breakfast – what more could a scout ask for in a campout? We look forward to these young Webelos joining the troop and having many more adventures with us!

Committee Meeting, September 22, 2010

Executive (voting) Members Present:

Peter Anderson-Scout Master, Art Bernal-Chair, Lynda Armenta-Treasurer, Kim Herney-Secretary, Joe Cox-New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator, Brian Johnson-Training Coordinator, John Lees-Equipment Coordinator, Corey Porter-Advancement Coordinator, Sue Yost-Membership

Other Members Present:

Todd Dirks, Chris Coleman, Diana Brettrager, Ronika Tsui

Executive (voting) Members Absent:

David Szymkowski-Outdoor/Activities Coordinator

Call to Order: 7:15pm

Previous Minutes: presented by Kim Herney

Brian J. moved to accept the minutes as presented. Corey seconded. Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Chartered Organization Representative: Mark Harvis
Not Present. Submitted report via email. Upcoming events for the Knights of Columbus are: October 1 – Spaghetti Dinner 5:30-8pm at the Hall; October 9 – Tootsie Roll Drive 8:30am-3:30pm at Pavilions and Henry’s; October 23 – Annual Family Steak BBQ 4-9pm at the Hall. There will be opportunities for service hours at the Oct 1 and 23 events.

Scout Master’s Report: Peter Anderson
Peter announced that elections for Scout leadership positions will be held at the next Troop meeting. Reiterated that Scoutmaster conferences are now available for those boys wishing to advance at the next Court of Honor.
Peter reported on the Patrol Leader meetings, which are held before the first Troop meeting of the month. The purpose is to talk to the boys about leadership and how to prepare for leading a patrol. It was suggested by the Council to talk to the boys about discipline issues and how to keep order in their patrols and at Patrol meetings. Suggestions are made at the meetings by Scouts regarding the Troop, such as having a Scout of the Month.
Discussion then ensued about the content of weekly Troop meetings. Suggestions were made such as having professionals come to give talks on specific subjects, expand the topics of meetings, introduce competition between patrols. It was also suggested to expect more of the Patrol leaders, especially more personal discipline and more emphasis on proper training of new/younger scouts. As a way of setting a good example, adult leaders should wear their uniforms, be on time and do more to ensure the discipline and proper training of the Troop.
The next Board of Review will be on October 13. Peter announced that we need more parents who are not assistant scout masters to volunteer to serve on Boards of Review. The next Court of Honor will be November 3.

Outdoor Activities Director: David Szymkowski
Not present, but circulated a detailed email outlining upcoming events and showing attendance records for past events. This was to induce discussion about what events should be considered for the future. It was decided to have a brainstorming session with the boys regarding what outings are of interest to them, but to notify them before such a session so that they can come prepared with ideas.

Treasurer: Lynda Armenta
See attached report.

Advancement Coordinator: Corey Porter
Corey announced he is trying to get the Scouts who are currently on the Trail to Eagle as far along as possible before the upcoming Court of Honor. He is also trying to set up individual, password protected accounts on the system so that each Scout/parent can see where they are in terms of rank and merit badges.

Chaplain: Stephen Herney
Stephen has resigned, due to his very busy schedule and his desire to allow the Troop to find someone else who can be at meetings more often. He is willing to continue as Chaplain if no one else is able to fill the role.

Training Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Brian reiterated that there are several levels of training that can be achieved by adults who wish to be involved with a Boy Scout Troop. All parents/adults that have any contact with Scouts need to complete the Youth Protection Training, which is available online. He then handed out a sheet showing other training courses available online, which are basic classes. To become fully trained as a Boy Scout Leader additional classes are required, and Brian handed out a sheet listing these classes.

Equipment Coordinator: John Lees
John reported that there are four tents with broken zippers, which only leaves ten working tents. Peter suggested using the money made at the Fourth of July Fireworks stand to purchase more tents. John then reported that the trailer is still in good condition. It has been one year since its last servicing, but it has been subjected to less use this last year so it probably doesn’t need any maintenance.

Membership Coordinator: Sue Yost
Sue reported that the Roundtable is coming up and our Troop will have a table there on which we can put information. We can do photoboards or a computer slideshow to add visuals as a way to show new recruits what our Troop is like.

New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator: Joe Cox
Nothing to report.

New Business:
Troop Meeting change: Peter asked if there is another day of the week that would work better for holding the Troop meetings. After some discussion it was decided to keep the meetings on Wednesdays, since the boys get out of school earlier and there seems to be less conflict with other extra-curricular activities.
Next Parent Council Meeting: October 27, 2010.

Parent Roundtable: no input
Adjourned: 9:00pm