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High Sierras backpacking trek, June 2014

The troop headed way up into the Sierras for an amazing backpacking adventure on the Bishop Pass Trail in the John Muir Wilderness. Several “crews” of scouts and leaders spent from 2 to 5 days in the backcountry, hiking on and off trail. We explored many lakes including Long Lake, Bishop Lake, Saddlerock Lake, Ruwau Lake, Chocolate Lakes, and Bull Lake. There was great fishing in most of these lakes, and many boys caught (and cleaned, cooked and ate) delicious brook trout. At the high altitude (well over 11,000 feet), there was also plenty of snow remaining for snowball fights and sledding. The mosquitoes were annoying at times, but the scenery made up for it. Some of the older boys trekked over Bishop’s Pass (elevation 12,000 feet) to see the spectacular scenery of Dusy Basin. Take a look at some photos:

Colorado River canoe trip, April 2014

The troop headed to the Colorado River for an outstanding canoe trek. After passing through Hoover Dam security, we launched canoes from the base of the dam into the cool clear waters of the Colorado. Scouts canoed 25 miles downstream from Hoover Dam to Nelson’s Landing over three days. Spectacular scenery, dark caves, hot mineral springs, canyon climbs, a tour of a fish hatchery, a visit to a marina, some scout skills training, great campfires, and great food – there was so much to see and do, we can’t describe it all. Just look at the pictures!

Orange Empire Railway Museum, March 22-23

Scouts spent a weekend in March camping at a great railroad museum in Perris. Boys worked on their railroading merit badge, in the process learning all about the past, present, and future of rail transportation. Special thanks go to our great merit badge counselor, tour guide, and camp and museum host for the weekend – Steve Pesante. Many of our new crop of scouts joined us for this one, and earned their very first merit badge. Every scout even got to drive a trolley car! Boys also did a great job setting up camp and cooking as patrols. There were some nervous scouts at night because a mountain lion attacked somebody nearby a few weeks ago (and escaped), but this fact helped make sure everyone obeyed the buddy system. We’re proud of the new scouts for doing so well on their first campout, and of the senior scouts for showing the new guys the ropes (figuratively & literally). Take a look at a few photos:

Rock Climbing Merit Badge Class, September 2012

Troop 147 scouts took up the challenging climbing merit badge in two evening classes at Arcadia Rock Climbing. The scouts learned all the basic rope work and safety techniques required for the sport. The troop has gone to Joshua Tree a few times to climb in the desert, but this time, they learned and practice more advanced skills like belaying and bouldering. All scouts achieved the merit badge – take a look at the pictures below.

Pictures to be added shortly.

Saddleback Butte State Park Camping

Scout’s Report

Saddleback Butte was fun. The trail near our camp led us past about 100 Joshua trees, countless kangaroo rat holes, and plenty of sand. We eventually got to the saddle.  After much rest, we climbed up the “butte.” At the top of that, we found a USGS stamp with the elevation and other information.  We went back to the saddle and took a rest.  Then we hurried back to camp so we could have agua  and om-noms.  We had campfire burgers and bread.  After eating and re-writing the duty roster, we got to work with teaching knots and lashings.  We built a shade structure.