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Committee Meeting, September 22, 2010

Executive (voting) Members Present:

Peter Anderson-Scout Master, Art Bernal-Chair, Lynda Armenta-Treasurer, Kim Herney-Secretary, Joe Cox-New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator, Brian Johnson-Training Coordinator, John Lees-Equipment Coordinator, Corey Porter-Advancement Coordinator, Sue Yost-Membership

Other Members Present:

Todd Dirks, Chris Coleman, Diana Brettrager, Ronika Tsui

Executive (voting) Members Absent:

David Szymkowski-Outdoor/Activities Coordinator

Call to Order: 7:15pm

Previous Minutes: presented by Kim Herney

Brian J. moved to accept the minutes as presented. Corey seconded. Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Chartered Organization Representative: Mark Harvis
Not Present. Submitted report via email. Upcoming events for the Knights of Columbus are: October 1 – Spaghetti Dinner 5:30-8pm at the Hall; October 9 – Tootsie Roll Drive 8:30am-3:30pm at Pavilions and Henry’s; October 23 – Annual Family Steak BBQ 4-9pm at the Hall. There will be opportunities for service hours at the Oct 1 and 23 events.

Scout Master’s Report: Peter Anderson
Peter announced that elections for Scout leadership positions will be held at the next Troop meeting. Reiterated that Scoutmaster conferences are now available for those boys wishing to advance at the next Court of Honor.
Peter reported on the Patrol Leader meetings, which are held before the first Troop meeting of the month. The purpose is to talk to the boys about leadership and how to prepare for leading a patrol. It was suggested by the Council to talk to the boys about discipline issues and how to keep order in their patrols and at Patrol meetings. Suggestions are made at the meetings by Scouts regarding the Troop, such as having a Scout of the Month.
Discussion then ensued about the content of weekly Troop meetings. Suggestions were made such as having professionals come to give talks on specific subjects, expand the topics of meetings, introduce competition between patrols. It was also suggested to expect more of the Patrol leaders, especially more personal discipline and more emphasis on proper training of new/younger scouts. As a way of setting a good example, adult leaders should wear their uniforms, be on time and do more to ensure the discipline and proper training of the Troop.
The next Board of Review will be on October 13. Peter announced that we need more parents who are not assistant scout masters to volunteer to serve on Boards of Review. The next Court of Honor will be November 3.

Outdoor Activities Director: David Szymkowski
Not present, but circulated a detailed email outlining upcoming events and showing attendance records for past events. This was to induce discussion about what events should be considered for the future. It was decided to have a brainstorming session with the boys regarding what outings are of interest to them, but to notify them before such a session so that they can come prepared with ideas.

Treasurer: Lynda Armenta
See attached report.

Advancement Coordinator: Corey Porter
Corey announced he is trying to get the Scouts who are currently on the Trail to Eagle as far along as possible before the upcoming Court of Honor. He is also trying to set up individual, password protected accounts on the system so that each Scout/parent can see where they are in terms of rank and merit badges.

Chaplain: Stephen Herney
Stephen has resigned, due to his very busy schedule and his desire to allow the Troop to find someone else who can be at meetings more often. He is willing to continue as Chaplain if no one else is able to fill the role.

Training Coordinator: Brian Johnson
Brian reiterated that there are several levels of training that can be achieved by adults who wish to be involved with a Boy Scout Troop. All parents/adults that have any contact with Scouts need to complete the Youth Protection Training, which is available online. He then handed out a sheet showing other training courses available online, which are basic classes. To become fully trained as a Boy Scout Leader additional classes are required, and Brian handed out a sheet listing these classes.

Equipment Coordinator: John Lees
John reported that there are four tents with broken zippers, which only leaves ten working tents. Peter suggested using the money made at the Fourth of July Fireworks stand to purchase more tents. John then reported that the trailer is still in good condition. It has been one year since its last servicing, but it has been subjected to less use this last year so it probably doesn’t need any maintenance.

Membership Coordinator: Sue Yost
Sue reported that the Roundtable is coming up and our Troop will have a table there on which we can put information. We can do photoboards or a computer slideshow to add visuals as a way to show new recruits what our Troop is like.

New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator: Joe Cox
Nothing to report.

New Business:
Troop Meeting change: Peter asked if there is another day of the week that would work better for holding the Troop meetings. After some discussion it was decided to keep the meetings on Wednesdays, since the boys get out of school earlier and there seems to be less conflict with other extra-curricular activities.
Next Parent Council Meeting: October 27, 2010.

Parent Roundtable: no input
Adjourned: 9:00pm

Relay for Life Flag Ceremony

This morning four of our scouts lead the flag ceremony at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  Lead by their intrepid Senior Patrol Leader, they presented and posted the flag, led the event in the Pledge of Allegiance, and helped distribute medals to the event’s survivors.

The Monrovia Relay for Life has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support cancer patients, survivors and their families.  Their 24 hour walk is on until 11:00am tomorrow, June  6th at Monrovia’s Library Park.

Elections and Board of Review are coming up

A reminder: elections are Tues., Sept. 29, 2009.  If you are interested in either of the Senior Patrol Leader or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader positions, you need to declare your interest to Mr. Anderson before 6 p.m. the night of the elections.  We’ll also be planning for the weekend’s rock climbing camp out.

Board of review is on the Oct. 13, 2009.  If you are ready to advance and you have not already had  a Scoutmaster conference, please schedule one with Mr. Anderson as soon possible.

Saddleback Butte State Park Camping

Scout’s Report

Saddleback Butte was fun. The trail near our camp led us past about 100 Joshua trees, countless kangaroo rat holes, and plenty of sand. We eventually got to the saddle.  After much rest, we climbed up the “butte.” At the top of that, we found a USGS stamp with the elevation and other information.  We went back to the saddle and took a rest.  Then we hurried back to camp so we could have agua  and om-noms.  We had campfire burgers and bread.  After eating and re-writing the duty roster, we got to work with teaching knots and lashings.  We built a shade structure.

Cycling Merit Badge

The intrepid scouts of troop 147 recently tackled the  Cycling merit badge. It’s an Eagle-required badge (optional in a group with Hiking and Swimming) and is accordingly challenging.  The scouts learned cycle maintenance, road safety, the relevant first aid and completed 150 miles of cycling, including a 50 mile ride from Monrovia to Seal Beach.

Click through to see a map of our route for the Seal Beach ride.

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