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San Jacinto State Park winter backpacking, February 2013

The troop headed up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to San Jacinto State Park to practice their snow survival skills. The ride up on the tram was a lot of fun. At the top the weather was perfect – cold with plenty of snow in the wilderness around Round Valley. As you can see from the photos, San Jacinto was a winter wonderland shared by only a few other scout troops (plus, reassuringly, a search & rescue team from San Diego that was training near our camp). The scouts had a great time trekking about 2.5 miles wearing snowshoes, setting up camp in deep snow, practicing self-arrests with an ice axe, and having snowball fights. We camped at over 9,100 feet elevation, which made some of the adults light-headed (but the scouts didn’t seem to mind). When the sun went down, the wind howled and it got very cold (into the teens). So after a hot dinner, hot chocolate, and a jiffypop snack huddled around the stoves, everyone hit their sleeping bags by 6:30pm! Even our youngest scouts came well-prepared, worked hard, and had a great time on this high-adventure outing.