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Eaton Canyon Falls hike day, January 2013

The best laid plans of mice and scouts oft go awry. We were planning for an intensive hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, but heavy rains made this too risky. So then we tried a favorite long hike starting from Chantry Flats, but that was closed due to an escaped criminal forcing the police to blockade the road up. Some quick thinking sent us to Eaton Canyon for a nice easy hike and scramble to the falls. The falls were roaring after the rains. In fact, we got rained on (even poured on) off and on, which made it more fun since everyone had their rain gear. The dry river bed we walked across on the way to the falls was a raging stream on the way back. Scouts forded right through it (no more dry feet), and then we topped the adventure off with a visit to the great Eaton Canyon Nature Center. This was a good warmup hike for when we make it back to the Bridge to Nowhere on the San Gabriel River, hopefully soon.