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USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, January 2012

Instead of camping someplace cold and snowy in January, the troop camped in a very unusual spot – a retired aircraft carrier. The USS Midway was the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned just a few days after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm, she is currently a museum ship at the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum, in San Diego, California.

The first part of a rainy Saturday was spent exploring the ships of the San Diego Maritime Museum. The scouts probably enjoyed the two submarines (Soviet and US) the most and a few boys went through them several times. Saturday afternoon was even more exciting as we mustered for the Midway. Our tour guides were all former sailors on the Midway and really knew and loved the ship. They showed us all over the ship including many places off-limits to the general public. The scouts enjoyed eating Navy grub in the mess hall, and bunking in the same berths the sailors used (these were NOT the officers’ quarters!). Sunday morning wake-up call was at 6 am and we again toured the ship with our guides before the general public arrived.

We had a great turnout for this outing not just of our scouts but also of dads and a few moms and webelos. We last visited the Midway more than 5 years ago but we won’t wait that long to return.