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Chantry Flat – Hoegee’s Camp loop hike, 2/19/11

Troop 147′s scouts went on a challenging training hike on a chilly Saturday with very unsettled weather. After a major rainstorm the day before almost cancelled the hike, the day dawned sunny and cold, and the hike was on! The normally overflowing Chantry Flat parking area was nearly deserted and we had the trails almost to ourselves. The boys voted to take the longer and more challenging First Water Trail down to Santa Anita Creek, which resulted in many crossings over the stream and a few wet boots. The weather kept the turnout on the light side, but two of the troop’s newest scouts came well prepared to hike with the older boys. Scouts worked on hike safety, ten essentials, map & compass, lighting stoves & cooking lunch, purifying water, and generally having fun. There was a giant treefall at Hoegee’s Camp that happened just a few hours before our arrival – good thing we weren’t camping there overnight! The best part of the trip was when a cold front moved in after lunch and we hiked home in a heavy snow shower. The only downer was that the Chantry Flat Pack Station was closed due to the weather, though they were kind enough to leave a warm fire burning for us outside.