Monthly Archives: December 2010

Rock climbing at Joshua Tree NP, 10-12 Dec 2010

Troop 147 last went rock-climbing in Joshua Tree National Park in 2009. The trip was so popular with the scouts that we did it again in December 2010. This weekend we camped at Indian Cove and climbed at Morbid Mound, which was just as exciting as it sounds. Our troop was instructed in safe climbing and rappelling by two excellent instructors from BSAONBELAY. Most of the scouts rented real climbing shoes, and many scampered up and rappelled down the rock all day long. A long day of climbing in perfect weather was capped with camaraderie around the campfire, excellent stargazing (meteors, Milky Way, satellites, planets, etc.), a long game of fox & hounds, and a delicious dutch-oven apple cobbler after dinner.