Monthly Archives: September 2010

Cooper Canyon backpacking 9/18-19/10

A repeat backpacking trip to Cooper Canyon trail camp, starting from the trailhead in Buckhorn Camp high in the San Gabriel Mountains, and dropping down to Cooper Canyon Falls via the Burkhart Trail. After some downtime for lunch at the beautiful falls, the scouts started a long climb up Cooper Canyon to the camp, via the famous Pacific Crest Trail. Great weather, spectacular scenery, interesting wildlife – a perfect combination. Plus the boys played some intriguing campfire games, and had plenty of time for relaxation and exploration on Saturday afternoon. The scouts did a great job and really worked together to set up their camp, build a campfire, and prepare their meals. After making sure all food and smellables were safely stored in bear bags and canisters, many boys decided to take advantage of the nice weather by sleeping out under the stars. It was great to see our newest scouts (and our first-timer adults as well) do so well on their first backpacking adventure.